Primary School Tutoring To Build Skill And Confidence

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Literacy And Numeracy
Primary School Tutoring

Having a solid understanding of literacy and numeracy are the foundations for success. These skills start in primary school. High school then builds on these essential skills.

So, if your child gets behind, not only are their grades affected, but their subject choices in senior years may be limited.

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English Tutoring

Our tutors place a strong emphasis on perfecting all areas of English. Students start with structure, including spelling, grammar, vocabulary, reading, comprehension and writing. Once they’re comfortable with structure, they advance to higher-order thinking and skills.

We contracted an independent expert to write our year 3 to year 6 reading and writing programs. The programs are developmental and tie in literacy, technology and devices in line with the syllabus.

Maths Tutoring

All new students complete a diagnostic test, allowing their tutor to determine their strengths and weaknesses in this subject. We have year level specific maths resources, games, activities and projects to extend your child’s understanding and skills.

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Selective High School Assessment

We offer tutoring specifically tailored for those wishing to pass the Selective High School Placement test. The tutoring will focus on reading skills, mathematical reasoning skills and thinking skills.

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