High School Tutoring

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HSC Tutoring

We provide tutors that understand the syllabus. Skills are very hard to learn from a book and need one on one tuition to accomplish.

We can tutor your child in all HSC subjects. Get in touch to find out how we can help your child to reach their goals.
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English Tutoring

We believe English is such an essential subject to your child’s success in school, that we contracted an independent expert to write our 7-8 reading and writing program.

The move from learning the structure of English to analysing and communicating is an important bridge to cross. We help your child make this critical transition.

Our high school program is developmental, tying in reading, comprehension and writing structure, techniques, spelling and vocabulary. Your child will increase their confidence and will be on the path to communicating effectively.

Maths Tutoring

Our tutors are skilled teachers and tutors in Algebra, Measurement, Financial Mathematics, Statistical Analysis and in year 12, Networks. These core mathematical areas make up the school syllabus.

We will look at your child’s past reports, maths exams and in some cases, complete a diagnostic test to find out their strengths and areas to improve.

Next, we teach your child how to map out the term. We take the learning outcomes and assessment schedule from your school and devise a sequence of lessons that will help your child perform their best, in their upcoming assessment.

By taking ownership of their learning, they’ll not only learn maths but study skills they can apply to any subject.

You’ll be amazed at how your child’s skills and confidence will grow.

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